Legacy leaders at Maryland state capitol buildingOverview

The Legacy Leadership Institute on Public Policy provides a bridge between the needs of local communities and government in the State of Maryland and the knowledge and expertise of Maryland residents age 50+ who are seeking careers as volunteer service leaders. Legacy Leadership offers training and leadership positions in government offices and the nonprofit sector to Maryland residents age 50+ in order to facilitate their transition from paid employment into new careers as service leaders. This program develops informed and motivated individuals who are committed to contribute significantly as Legacy Service Leaders in the State of Maryland.


Two complementary issues are converging. First, the State of Maryland has need for additional assistance to supplement the work of elected officials and nonprofit agency staff in addressing policy issues and advancing public programs. Confronted with the current downturn in the national economy after years of prosperity as well as a heightened demand of homeland security, the State is under pressure to provide increased services while not raising taxes.

Second, Maryland residents age 50+ are seeking meaningful ways to contribute to the community as they transition from the paid labor force into volunteer positions during their pre-retirement, semi-retirement, and retirement years. This cohort has amassed considerable expertise, experience and skills while making valuable contributions to all sectors of society: business and industry, government, military, education, faith based groups, health and social welfare organizations, family, and community. They seek to continue active engagement in new careers based on sophisticated and productive volunteer service leadership activities. They are an important resource that could be mobilized as Legacy Service Leaders to address multiple needs on the State of Maryland.


Wesley Queen, Coordinator